The Village Forester maintains and replenishes the woody vegetation in the Village right-of-way and in the Village parks, parkways, playgrounds and civic areas. The Village Forester plants new trees and shrubs, removes dead and dying trees and stumps, prunes Village trees, maintains a street tree inventory, maintains Village flower beds in the boulevards, and provides assistance to residents on tree related topics. 

Maple Trees Dropping Leaves

During this spring and early summer, there was a combination of cool days and nights with excessive amounts of rainfall and very few sunny days. These climatic conditions were most likely the cause of what we are seeing now with leaf fungal diseases impacting maple trees. Symptoms include, black and brown spots on leaves, curling/wrinkling of leaves and leaves falling prematurely.

Two Casual Diseases

The 2 primary foliar diseases are Maple Anthracnose and Tar Spot.  Please click on the links below for more information on these two fungal diseases. These fungal diseases are not considered to be “life threatening” to maple trees. If an infected tree is in relatively good health, it can withstand these leaf fungal diseases.  

Maple Anthracnose
Tar Spot

You can reduce the number of spores that cause anthracnose and tar spot by raking up and discarding fallen, infected leaves.

The Village of Fox Point does not apply fungicides to prevent or cure these leaf diseases.

Planting Trees

If you are interested in planting a tree in the Village right-of-way, the Village Forester has created a listing of Recommended Street Trees that are permitted for planting. Much thought has gone into this list to ensure species diversity and site adaptability within the Village. Residents are reminded that they need to contact the Village Forester to obtain a permit for planting within the Village right-of -way prior to any planting taking place.